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New Resource Partners is a specialist renewable energy consultancy offering advisory services to governments and investors.

Our job is to help our clients benefit from renewable energy. To drive investment in renewable energy, governments must identify and dismantle barriers in their energy markets. Investors meanwhile need to understand which markets offer the greatest opportunities, where the risks lie, and how these will affect their business.

We believe the transition from fossil fuels to renewables will accelerate. Opportunities vary according to local resources, energy demand, internal and external energy costs, and existing infrastructure to name but a few.

These factors, and trade-offs among strategic objectives such as affordability, sustainability and energy resilience, create complexity as well as a diversity of opportunities. Our deep understanding of policy, market and technical aspects is essential in the de-risking of renewables deployment.


New Resource Partners is at the forefront of practical, real-world renewable energy strategy development and risk assessment. With more than 25 years of renewable energy experience, including work in India, Latin America, Japan, and Europe, our team has developed a number of services to appraise and improve opportunities for renewable energy deployment in all kinds of electricity markets.

  • Risk Appraisals

    It is often the case that willingness to invest is not matched by investor confidence in the risk profile. Particularly in the developing world, a gap persists between the due diligence done for a specific investment project, and understanding of underlying geopolitical aspects. Between these two strata lie risk factors relating to infrastructure, market design, policy and a host of others. Our energy market risk and project risk appraisal services are designed ensure that investments to not sink into the unknown.

  • Development of Renewable Energy Strategy

    Governments may be willing to deploy renewables, and the benefits may be clear, but securing investment requires strong and consistent strategy. We help governments to identify what they need to do in order to see their renewable energy ambitions realised. Often in the form of strategy “roadmaps”, we develop an A to Z of coherent actions to scale-up deployment, including finance, policy design, project development, and grid integration.

  • Business Case Development

    We build business cases for renewable energy projects at the pre-investment stage. This work focuses on identifying and evaluating the most appropriate technology solutions to meet a given need; investigating the state of the relevant market; assessing the nature and integrity of policy and regulatory frameworks; tracking and assessment of likely risks; and modeling of project cash-flows under a variety of scenarios.

  • RE Integration

    Myths and misinformation continue to circulate regarding the challenges inherent in integrating the output of wind and solar power in existing power systems. Such technologies feature extensively in several European countries, but their secure operation remains misunderstood where deployment is nascent. We provide analysis of what challenges renewables will bring and how these can be addressed. We also provide capacity building for system operators to prepare them for the operational challenges they will encounter.


We work in many markets with many different types of client, all with one thing in common: a desire to see the cost effective and profitable deployment of renewable energy. Some recent and non-confidential examples of work are described here.

Indian Renewable Energy Roadmap  Initiative


Serious challenges remain before the achievement of Indian targets for renewable energy. The roadmap addresses obstacles in the design and operation of electricity grids and markets, renewable and wider energy policy, and the investment environment. These are addressed for the sub-continent as a whole, with case study focus on Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan among others.

Renewable Energy Strategy for Gibraltar


New Resource Partners has assisted the Government of Gibraltar in developing a cogent strategy for renewable energy, and is engaged in assisting the government with the deployment of power plants in line with its targets for 2020 and beyond. The strategy highlights opportunities for near-term deployment of renewable energy, and maps out long-term deployment, reconciling environmental, cost, reliability, and energy security criteria.

Market Integration of Variable Renewable Energy Technologies

International Energy Agency (IEA)

New Resource Partners has conducted a number of power market surveys for the International Energy Agency to build understanding of the characteristics of power systems and markets that hinder or enable the reliable and economic integration of variable renewable energy technologies, such as solar and wind power. Case studies markets include Japan, India, Brazil, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

The Wind Energy How2Guide


International Energy Agency (IEA)

New Resource Partners has provided support to the International Energy Agency in the development and drafting of its How2Guide for Wind Energy, the first in a new series of publications by the agency. The How2Guide draws on the IEA Wind Energy Technology Roadmap as well as on insights gained from industry and government stakeholders during the drafting of the publication itself.

Government Capacity Building

International Energy Agency (IEA)

New Resource Partners has provided a series of lectures to officials of developing economy governments as part of the International Energy Agency’s training programme for non-member countries of the OECD. Principal topics have included renewable energy technology, recent policy design and best practice, and the system and market integration of these technologies.

Renewables Integration


 New Resource Partners has prepared analysis for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory of the US Government, as part of the Clean Ministerial Process. This consisted of detailed case studies pertaining to the successes and remaining obstacles in the integration of variable output renewable energy technologies such as solar and wind power in European grid networks and power markets.


Investment Origination

Localpartnership200x118New Resource Partners worked with Local Partnerships to design a project to attract public investment into renewable energy projects in UK urban areas. The project focused on the development of an investment pipeline, assessing potential investment segments & projects, and capacity building of institutions.


Hugo Chandler, Director

Hugo Chandler has worked with both industry and governments in the renewable energy field for fifteen years, throughout Europe, as well as in India, China and Latin America. He co-founded New Resource Partners in 2012.

This followed a five-year stint at the International Energy Agency (IEA) where he led analysis of system integration of variable renewable energy technologies, and was the agency’s lead on wind energy. Prior to that, Hugo established the European Technology Platform for Wind Energy in Brussels, and led research policy at the European Wind Energy Association. Earlier positions included research in the House of Commons in London, and the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales. Hugo holds an MSc in Environmental Technology from Imperial College, London.

Contact hugo@newresourcepartners.com

Mobile : +44 (0)7771 873 777

Nick Gibbins, Director

Nick Gibbins has worked in government and the private sector in policy making and consultancy since 2000. Previous to co-founding New Resource Partners in 2012 he was part of Jones Lang LaSalle’s European sustainability consultancy, leading projects advising global investors on energy efficiency and renewable energy within their property portfolios.

Prior to that Nick held various positions within UK government involving the development and implementation of environmental policy, embedding sustainability into the lending strategies of EU public banks, and advising on the incorporation of renewable energy into urban master plans. He was also involved in the establishment of the London Mayor’s office. Nick holds an MSc in International Relations and Development from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) at the University of London.

Contact : nick@newresourcepartners.com

Mobile : +44 (0)7791 083 482



 Shashank Misra, Analyst

Shashank Misra is a renewable energy technology analyst at New Resource Partners. Key analysis tasks have included solid-oxide fuel cells for practical implementation in India; and business models for start-ups in the renewable energy sector. Shashank holds a masters degree in Sustainable Energy Futures from Imperial College London. He also has a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from the Vellore Institute of Technology in Chennai, specialised in energy technologies and powertrain systems in the automotive sector.


logoNew Resource Partners periodically looks for candidates to join our team in London. Candidates should have practical insights into financial, technical, project development, grid integration, and / or regulatory aspects of deploying renewable energy.


Current opportunities: We are not hiring at present.